Movie picks

Movies (etc.) that we have absolutely loved, enough to not only have watched many times, but bought! (Some more than once, as gifts or when our copy went missing.) They are listed here in no particular order.


Some of these aren't loved by as many as we think should:

Needs No Help From Us

These movies are popular, and deservedly so. We just want it on the record that we like them too!

Mind F**ks

So many movies are oh-so-predictable. These movies are the ones that surprised me, usually at the end. (Not that I'm trying to be clever and guess or anything, I'm trying to watch movies as their creators intended them to be seen; you get the most enjoyment out of them that way.) These are not necessarily the greatest movies of all time (though they're not far down, usually), but they will make you want to watch them again once you know what is going on. These movies aren't about the twist, but are unpredictable and thus more enjoyable than the usual fare. (Unpredictable in a good way that ties together in the end, not just randomness.)


...whom we love, and a little bit of why.

Daniel's Picks

These movies (and shows) are his current favorites. (The commentary is his.)

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