Mercury Montego, 1969

'69 Montego

This car was to be short-term transportation after the Falcon broke down until I could decide what car I really wanted to own, I figured it might take me six months. 2.5 years later, I bought the Camaro! I hated this car, but it was nearly the best car value I ever had. I paid $650 for it, to a former high-schoolmate. It probably cost me $500 to drive it during its tenure with me (excluding gas and oil), including the difference between purchase and selling prices. Only the Chicken Wagon is in a position to possibly displace it as value leader, and only if I don't spend too much fixing it up. My brother sold it for me when it was time, I told him I wanted $500 and that's what I got. (I don't know what he sold it for, but I know it was more than that. I think he slapped on a set of wheels and sold it to some kid who was impressed by things like that.)

I remember that it jumped its timing chain once and wouldn't start. It got at least one new timing gear then, and probably a new chain, at the shop across the street from where I lived at the time. (We pushed it over there.) It needed brake shoes, my brother did that. And I had to add a manual choke cable, the automatic choke was sticking causing it to really suck gas at times. That's it for repairs.

I hated it mostly because it had an automatic transmission, and was pretty thirsty. I wasn't too fond of the slippery bench seat either. On the other hand, it wasn't a bad looking car and was a pretty roomy old boat, and if I had it now (in the kind of shape it was in when I first owned it) I might appreciate it a lot more.

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