Our menagerie

Our musical instruments, that is. Mostly just the serious ones (or those intended to be serious at some point in their lives), and doesn't include the miscellaneous recorders, pennywhistles, loose bagpipe practice chanters, Indian wall-hangers, Orff instruments, vuvuzuelas, etc., nor anything Jill sold before we got together. These items are listed within each column roughly in the order they were added to our collection. (Not that this is intended to be a collection per-se, everything we didn't inherit was acquired with the intention of being played, at least once in awhile.)

Instrument Index:
Conn Trumpet, coprion
Benge/Martin Trumpet
Getzen Cornet (sold)
Piccolo Trumpet
Couesnon C Trumpet (sold)
Metal Clarinet
Holton Trombone
Gemeinhardt Flute (M2)
Olds Flugelhorn
Getzen Frumpet
Besson Bass Cornet
C Melody Saxophone
Dolmetsch Recorder
Conn/Noblet Clarinet
Hohner Accordion
Noblet Oboe
Getzen Bass Trumpet
Conn Baritone Saxophone
Conn Cornet
Olds Marching Baritone (sold)
Benge D/E♭ Trumpet
Rotary F (orchestral) Trumpet
Pocket Trumpet
Conn 12B Trumpet
Benge C Trumpet
Martin Indiana Trumpet
Besson G/F Piccolo Trumpet
Martin Imperial Trumpet
Conn 17A Cornet, coprion
Benge (3X+) Trumpet #2
Conn E♭ Tuba
Conn 18A Cornet, coprion
York Double-Bell Euphonium
Martin big-bell Trumpet
Benge (5X) Trumpet #3
Benge Herald Trumpet (for sale?)
Benge (5X) Trumpet #4
Benge Pocket Trumpet (sold)
Benge Pocket Trumpet #2
Reynolds Mellophonium
Getzen Eterna Flugelhorn
Benge Herald Trumpet #2
Benge Herald Trumpet #3
Benge (8Z) Cornet
Alto Trumpet
Martin Handcraft (Troubadour)
Benge Trumpet, CG
Martin Handcraft Dansant
Conn 12A Cornet
Loree Oboe
Laubin Oboe
English Horn (sold)
Bundy Clarinet (returned)
Blessing Flute
Piano, spinet
Harp, Celtic
Oboe del Monte
French Horn
Yamaha keyboard
King Baritone
Gemeinhardt Flute (2SP)
Loree English Horn
Buffet Clarinet
King Tuba
Vito Tenor Sax
Bettoney Bass Clarinet
Aulos Tenor Recorder
Hollywood Winds Bari Sax
Prestini Soprano Sax
Piano, upright
Conn Alto Sax
Conn Alto Sax
Kung Bass Recorder
Loree "Royal" Oboe
Kohlert Bass Clarinet
Buffet Clarinet #2
No-name German Bassoon
Yamaha Oboe
Bundy piccolo
5-string bass guitar
Bagpipes, Scottish
Kessler Bass Clarinet
—Its— (Daniel's, etc.)
Olds Ambassador Trumpet
Conn Cornet (sold)
Cleveland Trumpet (sold)
Mark II half-size Guitar
Linton Bassoon
Conn 16M Tenor Sax
Yamaha Snare Drum
Martin Indiana Tenor Sax
Soprano Trombone
Conn 14H Director Trombone
ART Cornet (sold)
Indian Piccolo Trumpet
Cleveland Superior Trumpet (for sale)
Olds Recording Trombone
Olds Ambassador Trumpet #2
Piccolo Trombone
Fox Bassoon
Alto pBone
Bach Stradivarius Trumpet (sold)
Yamaha Convertible Euphonium
Bagpipes, asian
Conn 17A Cornet #2, coprion
Conn 18H Director Trombone, coprion

Other items vaguely musical:

My big tuner: Stroboconn 6T
My little tuner: Yamaha TD-1

Some interesting stuff about musical instruments and physics: http://www.phys.unsw.edu.au/music