Computer Languages

Putting together the C vs Pascal page got me reminiscing a bit, and I thought I'd collect all the computer languages I have learned. I am including anything I worked on/with as a hobbiest, in school (college), or as part of a job. I am excluding anything that I might have learned a bit about along the way, but where I have not actually 'produced' something. (SNOBOL, PILOT, Logo, Objective C, Go, etc.)

Not all of these imply any sort of expertise, only that I did produce something in each, however small or badly written. (Contrast the 9900, for which I wrote exactly one subroutine, with the 34010, for which I wrote a complete low-level graphics library, defined a custom ABI for higher-level C code, and for which I ported the DIAB C compiler. [The magnificent and highly-retargetable DIAB compiler is still out there, now owned by Wind River, though they've almost certainly never heard of that 34010 cross-compiler I did.])

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