>>I expect to be underemployed this summer and spend a lot of time

>I'm a verb!
>-- Jim

Cathey 1. (v.t.) To repair, restore, rebuild, or otherwise revitalize [old machinery, particularly that which has been abandoned, neglected, or thought beyond salvation], in the most frugal, effective, and ingenious way possible. "I Catheyed the tach amp with some microwave metal and Shoe Goo. That was 12,000 miles ago and it's still working just fine." 2. (v.i.) To behave as in 1, especially as an ongoing practice of life. "I finally moved into a big place with a barn, and now I can Cathey all I want without SWMBA getting upset." Also Catheyed, Catheyfied (adj.) Repaired as in 1 [of machinery], especially when done with loving attention and pride of workmanship. "That seller is on crack if he thinks that 220D is worth more than $500. Look at the sloppy job on those headlight housings! It hasn't been Catheyed, that's for sure."


Alex Chamberlain
'87 300D Turbo
'93 Isuzu Trooper

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