SL For Sale Sold!

'76 450SL

Jill's 450 SL, 1976. $6400
e-mail: or telephone: (509) 926-7801

Why Selling?

This car was my wife's engagement present. With the passage of time, our needs and finances had changed, which allowed for upgrading her toy car to be just like mine: a 560 SL. With both cars now being 'toys', rather than hers being a daily driver, it was politically expedient to make her car be the same as mine. And there's just no way to justify keeping three SL's, it's hard enough to justify having two. (My three-year-old calls it 'his' car, as opposed to mommy's or daddy's car. Nice try, kid!)

The good part is that you get a car that we had been planning on keeping `forever', and treated accordingly.

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

The extras, that is! Some extra parts/items can go with the car, if the new owner wants them. (I would always want such items, but as my wife so cruelly points out, not everybody is like me!)


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